Gorgeous Toyo Tires Models - @LeannaBartlett @MagdaAngel and #JaneyBolina

Pomona, CA, by W&HM - At the 2014 Autocon LA, Toyo brought us three gorgeous ladies, Magda Angel, Leanna Bartlett, and Janey Bolina!  The three Toyo's angels are super photogenic and beautiful in person.  Toyo Tires also has a new design for their uniform, which combines sporty and Calvin Klein Fashion styles.  That's what we identify as the young, contemporary, classy and sexy design, perfect for the new car culture trends.

Leanna Bartlett is beyond beautiful!  This tall blonde model has everything a supermodel is to be.  Not only she has a stunningly gorgeous look, with cascading beautiful blond waves, she also has very strong sense of style and fashion.  Her portfolio works goes across from highly effective promotional works, to lyrically elegant commercial prints, to sensual sexy glamour looks.  Leanna is totally an embodiment of beauty, glamour, classy+sexy, the new "wow" in modeling!

We've covered Magda Angel in last year's Spocom Super Show in Anaheim, together with Claudia Alan.  Magda is such a friendly and amicable person that people just love taking pictures of her and having her signed posters.  We definitely look forward to seeing her in future events!!

Janey Bolina has a slender physique and a gorgeous look with a bright smile!  You can tell immediately that she is passionate about modeling, and totally enjoying the time at the show, and on stage.  The setting of double models of Janey and Leanna with the backdrop of the crowd and confetti, it gave the Autocon a super fun with a celebratory atmosphere at the end of the show.  It's like partying for the new year!  And we certainly can't wait for the next one!!


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