Elegant LBDs @2Crave @heavyhitterwheels at 2014 #Autocon LA by @Anacheri @Elizabeth_Velasquez and #VenassaThompson

Pomona, CA, by W&HM - 2Crave is always one of the best vendor booths at any car shows that they go to.  Their wheels and the cars that go with them are big, immaculate and very impressive!  Now they are showing their great line called "Heavy Hitter" that are for the car owners who know great show car lifestyle and love the dominant presence.  When you look at their cars insides the booth, you would be in awe to their majestic views and the big wheel showmanship!


Ana Cheri 

Ana is their billing model at the Autocon show.  She's a busy gal, because there always seemed to be a line waiting for her signature posters and an opportunity to be in a photo of her.  This amazing model not only is super popular, and she is very generous to her fans in return.  No wonder everybody loves her, and her poster, and the vendor that she is associated with!


Elizabeth Velasquez

We have worked with Elizabeth last year for the Spocom special.  This gorgeous Mexicana gave a pack of strong punch of beauty and sexiness to our shoot.  Not only the photos came out super amazing, the working experience with her is also super positive!  And she is a very smart business person as well, and has great network and self confidence!  That's truly a wonderful combination of the beauty outside and great mind inside!



Vanessa Thompson

Vanessa is a busy model.  You would mostly catch her at the car show events, and the best bet is at the 2Crave booth.  The tall, slender and very amicable and ambassador-like model always bring a big smile with her whenever you see her.  Whenever 2Crave / Heavy Hitter booth has a roulette drawing, she would attract a huge crowd and everybody had a great time!  Vanessa is definitely a great booth draw at any event and shows!


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