DTM Autobody with Sandra Wong @officialsandrawong and Kay Bae @mskaybae

Pomona, CA, by W&HM - 
DTM brought in two awesome modes, Sandra Wong and Kay Bae.  The El Monte, CA based auto shop that specializes in various services, including body kit fitting, fabrication, paint and paint matching, as well as towing, and sponsorship and many more.

At the 2014 Autocon show, DTM Autobody had both their beautiful models in a clean elegant white sleeveless top and a black mini skirt.  It's classy and unique.  Great work!

Sandra Wong

We are sure that Sandra Wong is no stranger to you.  She was one of the top and also hardest working models for several years.  Not only she is very popular, she is also a very personable person, and a great friend of ours.  She has a lyrical and bright model persona, together with a great loving and intelligent inner self as well.  Every time we caught a moment to chat with her, she always has wonderful ideas to share and great advice to our magazine.  We totally love her with no bounds!  She is the poster child of "Awesomeness!".


Kay Bae

Kay Bae has that fashion model figure and super model talents.  No matter how you frame your shots, or pressing your camera, she always gives  you the best and strong work on your camera's memory chip.  She always holds her poise in great manner that you feel that you are doing a fashion photo shoot! That's for sure a great stand-out in the import modeling world!



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