Huge Summary Coverage of 2014 DUB LA Show Models - A Must Read!

Los Angeles, CA, Photos and Text by Py - This year's DUB LA show was awesome and they have outdone themselves again!  There were non-stop pouring attendees coming from outside to the festive show inside the Los Angeles Convention Center  Inside the exhibit hall, it's almost elbow to elbow traffic like downtown Tokyo during rush hours.  With loud music playing across the gigantic hall, we just needed a few beach balls to complete the party theme here.  It was such a visual feast with all the colorful custom cars, beaming lighting and mystic smoke around the stage, and of course, the gorgeous models from many big and petite vendors from corner to corner.  All these made the show a highly entertaining success and a perfect event to spend a wonderful Sunday afternoon in, especially when the neighboring Staple Center's Lakers team seemed to need some adrenaline boost from here.

One of the characteristics that DUB LA has are the amazing arrays of highly customized cars, drawing from the deep resources of Los Angeles and Orange Counties, as well as Inland Empire, and San Diego.  All contributed to a spectacular car show with big show offs of their perfectionist works on their pride show cars.  If Steve Jobs were to see these great cars, he may not agree with the aesthetic approach to the Rococo style decorations, or uneven cut out of car bodies, or even the beautiful artistic painting works adorning many cars' hoods, but he sure will be impressed by the artisan refined crafts taken to make these cars not only looking shining and amazing, but also runs like a boss.  The cares and details put into the cars, are straight from the hearts and minds, and sweats and sometimes sponsors' support to these great custom car artists!  We have the highest respect to them!!  The complete coverage of the cars will be in our Cars section.

From the hard metal to the soft curves, DUB show models are renowned for certain styles and their ways to express their excitements.  However, this year's DUB LA seems to be a cross-over from the import side models as well.  We saw many of the import models lent their talents to the custom car culture.  We say that, true talents have no boundaries.  If Michelangelo could paint the Sistine Chapel's ceiling, and carved David out of a slab of marble, as well as designed the St. Peters in Vatican, plus did the uniforms for the Swiss Guards, then who do we say that great models cannot do all the car shows, and prints, and fashion shows, and more... In fact, the more the merrier!

We were as happy as we were at the Formula Drift yesterday, if not a lot more, that many of our cover and feature models were at the DUB show.  Starting from the top. we have Sandra Wong for the Readylift Off Road, and Jessica Weaver for Vertini, to Claudia Alan for Savini, Corissa Furr for 2Crave Heavy Hitters, to Thao N for Custom 411 magazine.  Just taking pictures of them took a major chunk of our time at the show, and we were very happy to do so and wish more time too if there weren't so much that elbow-to-elbow traffic.


Also Claudia Moran for Rucci Wheels and Mercedes both have graced our digital cover before.  It's awesome to see them again and sure hope to see them a lot more in the future!

We also have Kirsty and Lilly Evans here ready for our camera.  We were totally in fully bliss to see so many of our models helping vendors to promote and communicate their messages.  

As always, definitely check out the full article here to see a lot more high quality HR photos of these amazing models at the 2014 DUB LA Show!

2Crave is always at the top of the game among vendors.  They have had many top models at their booth through out various events.  This time, they are coming out with a new line called Heavy Hitters, and they recruited big names like Ana Cheri, Corissa Furr, Katelynn Ansari, Annelise Marie, Brittany Brickner, and Vanessa Thompson to help them introduce the new product line brand to the public, and it totally worked with these lovely models' magic.  People just could not stop themselves to go to the booth and get a glimpse of these gorgeous models and get a copy of Ana's autographed posters.   Great job!  2Crave team!!

Savini is well known for their unique luxury design of wheels and their great engineering works.  They are also known in the circle to have great models for their brand.  Here we have Claudia Alan, and Constance Nunues for the brand.  (we did not catch the other model's name...)  They simply impressed the heck of the attendees at the show.  Many people just could not peel themselves off the models, literally.  That's a super great job very well done, we commend.


At the Vertini booth, we met again with Jessica Weaver, and Brittani Paige.  They are always so awesome to shoot with!  We as well as many others were just clicking away while jostling our positions for a better angle of the these gorgeous models.
Erica Nagashima, and Daniel Lo, and ... Big Abe??!!  Now that's a new trio combo with a winning formula!  Very cool.

Ling Ferrero and Kirsty from the Diamond Dozen team, always look so sparkling cool!

The DUB performance is legendary.  There were constant performances from one big artist to another, kept the crowd fully immersed in the audio festival by the stage.

Adrianna is a very photogenic model that we were pleasantly discovered at the Rucci booth. We do see a great potential in her and hopefully she will fully utilize that given talent!

Ana Sanchez (above) is a quite model, but packed with high energy modeling skills.  Many poses that she did for us, were cool, edgy, and sexy!  We are a fan now!

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