Gigantic Summary Coverage of 2014 Formula Drift Long Beach Day 2 Top Models

Long Beach, CA - Photos and Text by Py - Day 2 of 2014 Formula Drift season opener at Long Beach has a grand and very happy ending.  Not only there were nail-biting competitions with some major drivers out of the top loop, the vendors were excited about the season's first major car/motorsport event's turned-out, and of course, absolutely top models were abundant at the show, making our camera heated and batteries drained.  Overall, Formula Drift has done another great season opening at Long Beach, and getting even stronger every year.  It's firmly established as a highly sought after event in southern California with broadening affiliations. We definitely look forward to covering more of the events in the future!

Observing the vendor expo, the whole area stayed on the conventional side, with rows of parts/clothing vendors and rows of tires companies, and rows of all the big sponsors.  It's a comfortable feeling to know what to expect and whom we can expect.  However, there were also some obvious ones missing in this year's event, that we hope to see in the next one.

From the star-studded coverage experience yesterday, we had high hope for even more model appearances today, after all, it's a Saturday, it's the main day, and the weather could not be more perfect here at Long Beach. We honestly cannot say that we saw a whole lot more but still there were more awesome models there for sure.  We speculate that vendors pulling back their marketing dollars, and absence of some key vendors, plus other competing events elsewhere, could all be the contributing factors for their diminished presence.  Nonetheless, we walked many times around the area, not only we discovered models that we did not cover before, also models changed to new outfits that renewed the call for more photos.  Over all, we are always very impressed by the quality and the quantity of the great models there.  After all, the brand power of Formula DRIFT is so immense that vendors cannot ignore and models cannot pass.  We sure hope to see the Irwindale event later in the year to be a mega block buster!

Now back to those awesome models!  Talking about awesome models, we have been blessed, truly blessed as seen in the evidence here.  We have had great fortunes to work with some of the industry's super models.  They are truly amazing to work with, passionate about their arts, and the photos from them are always stunning!
Olivia Korte (for Motegi) is always so uplifting and bright.  We feel very positive whenever we talk to her and her smiles are both mesmerizing and healing.  Melyssa Grace (for R1 Concepts) is forever gorgeous!  She has new inks, which adorns her beautiful face and accentuates her wonderful poses. Jessica Weaver (for Autocon), is always so awesomely glamorous and it seems that the southern California sun was created perfectly for her.  Corissa Fur (for APR Performance) has our greatest respect for her amazing talents and always giving us her best of the best.
Arley Elizabeth (for Achilles), our Issue 15 cover model, is such an intelligent and gorgeous person who knows very well the meaning of professionalism and aesthetics.  Ashley Twomey (for Achilles) is such a sweet and amazing and super cool model.  We totally believe that she will be the super star model in no time.
Ashley Michaelsen (above right for Monster Energy Drink) together with Kayla Reid made Monster Energy brand look so delicious and exuberant!  Eva Skye (for Nitto Tires) always has that high fashion model temperament in her, and she always looks so posh and so good!

We simply and totally love all these amazing models that we worked with!!

But the story does not end here!  There are a lot more!  Or like close to 40 photos more!!  Definitely check them out here...
We have to say that Natalie Paladin (for Nitto Tires) single-handed rivaled a lot of super models here.  She gave us this pose that has the similar effects of Adriana Lima in that super bowl commercial on a race track, but with the cuteness and broad day uplifting light, in front of thousands of fans.  Now that's awesome!
Hankook girls always make the scene hyper exciting, and this is no exception at the opening ceremony here!  A slight change in rules of operations, instead of riding with their drivers, models were standing with the press people waiting to pair up with their drivers.  It's another perfect opportunity to take gorgeous photos of these gorgeous super models!
The cars rolled in, with style, and paired with their brand models, with style, and then went out, with style!  It's great to see these professional drivers show their cools, and their skills, smoking amazing skills for sure!
Sadie May (for Hankook) and Randyl Dawn (for Falken) as well as Katie Carnes (for Falken) and Katelynn Ansari (for Hankook) definitely wowed the audience as much as their drivers, we are sure.

Now back in the vendor / pit area, we saw the great trio of Arley Elizabeth, Ashley Twomey, and April for Achilles.  (Click on the pictures to see big the stunning shots of these gorgeous models!)
At the Autocon booth, with Jessica Weaver, was a popular camera stop for many attendees of the show for this beauty.  Jessica is now a full time model, and great opportunities keep coming to her left and right!  We are sooo happy for her!
Kayla Reid and Ashley Michaelsen for Monster Energy Drink were so brilliant and awesome in their ultra cool uniform, either in front of their cool drifting car, or under the Long Beach sun.
Anytime you come to the Spocom booth, you would always be in for a treat.  This time at Formula Drift Long Beach, the great team had three models, Lee Dialani, Ms Lynn Lyn and Nicole Leigh at the show.  We were particularly impressed by Lee Dialani, because she is simply so great to work with there.  She has a perky personality, she is photogenic, she is not afraid of trying new thing, and she is so personable and easy to get along with.  We knew that she will do amazing things in the promotional modeling scene in the near future!  Great job Lee and the Spocom team!
Katie Carnes and Randyl Dawn were very busy at the Falken Tires booth during their poster signing and giveaway time, and they still maintain a great smile for us!  They are so cool!
Alicia Whitten and Corissa Furr, in a rare and great reunion time here at FD LB.
Cara Provenzano (for ARK) was a pleasant surprise, as we met her at the SEMA Kenda booth, and were not sure if we would see her at any off-SEMA events.  It is awesome to see her and we look forward to seeing her more in the future!  Together with Ali Green, they made the ARK booth a very bright spot at the show.

GXS Girls were easy to spot.  They are in their bright neon orange uniform and very actively talking and posing for people.  We highly applaud their tireless efforts and support to the community.


Hooters Girls Long beach were out their to get everybody, so they could give everybody a 5 coupon and meet them in person, hopefully with Chicken wings and their beers.

Jasmyn Skye always makes JDM Sport booth look good, here together with their new model too.

Kallita Daniel (in grey shirt,) is a  very interactive model, who keeps attendees fully engaged. The Gumout girl was busy giving out their flyers but gave us a few happy snapshots.
Erica Juliet is a natural model who can throw neat poses at any click of our camera and gave us plenty of cool shots.
In summation, we can say that 2014 Formula Drift Round 1 at Long Beach is a wonderful event,  The weather was perfect, the actions were hot, vendors were abundant, freebies were everywhere, and most of all, amazing top models, especially our cover and feature models, were showing up looking amazing in person, and in out photos!  We cannot wait to see them again in the Irwindale event, even though it is about 6 months out.

To Formula DRIFT Team, we say great job well done!  Congratulations to the great success in the season opening event and many more to come!

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