Complete Coverage of 2014 Formula DRIFT Long Beach Autograph and Opening Ceremony - Models in Action Edition

Long Beach, CA, by W&HM - Let's have this article's gorgeous pictures explain themselves of all the actions and fun happened in the 2014 Formula Drift Long Beach Driver Autograph and Opening Ceremony!

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Hankook Girls - Katelynn Ansari, Sadie May, Jessica Harbour, and Erica Nagashima


Xena Kai for Exedy

Arley Elizabeth for Achilles

Erica Nagashima for Hankook Tires


Jessica Harbour for Hankook Tires

Xena Kai for Exedy looking amazing at the track

Natalie Paladin a supermodel on the race track


Monster Energy Girls, Ashley Michaelsen and Kayla Reid with Hankook Girls Katelynn Ansari, Sadie May and Erica Nagashima

The great honor guards...

The final 16!


Ali Green and Cara Provenzano for ARK
Kaite Carnes for Falken
Randyl Dawn for Falken
Katelynn Ansari for Hankook
Drivers for themselves...

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