Brie Williams - W&HM Issue 12 Cover Model With Grace, Beauty and Talents @brie_tard


Los Angeles, CA, Photos and Text by Py (Update) - It's absolutely our pleasure to work with the gorgeous, talented, and awesome cover model, Brie Williams. On the cover of the magazine's Issue 12, Brie commands a great deal of attention just by being present at any events. Whenever she shows up at a car show or event, people flock to her vying to capture her beauty and her sophisticated aura. Here we had a highlight cover feature earlier, and we are happy to add more awesome photos from the gorgeous Brie!

Los Angeles, CA, by Py - Our cover model of Issue 12, Brie Williams, has a natural talent of modeling, either in her personality or in her skills and creativity. The 5'4" beauty has traveled much of the west coast throughout her formation years. This extensive experience in multi-geographical livings has brought her great perspectives in her career and life. She appreciates great aesthetics, creative concepts, and most of all, great quality of arts! We definitely see this gorgeous beauty expands to many avenues of artistic performances and expressions and be awesome about them!


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Wheels and Heels Magazine Issue 12 - Cover Model



2013 Spocom Super Show, Anaheim, CA

We first met Brie Williams at the Autocon Arcadia earlier this year.  Her super toned body and sultry looks totally captured our imagination and amazement!  Definitely look out this awesome beauty rising like a super star!

2013 Autocon, Arcadia, CA for Spocom Booth

Arcadia, CA (W&HM) - Brie Williams just recently moved to California.  And boy, it was a great move!  She showed up at the Spocom Booth at the Autocon event, and demonstrated her super fit physique and independent personality.  We totally applaud her 1st time car show in So-Cal presence and look forward to future opportunities of capturing her beauty!
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