2013 #SEMA #Asanti Arley Elizabeth @arrrrlz, Donna Lăzărescu and more!

Las Vegas, NV, by W&HM – Our cover model Arley Elizabeth has joined a group of stunning models at the Asanti Wheels company booth.  They had huge piles of posters, that they signed and gave out to folks.  They formed a perfect line of operations so that they could serve the non-stop coming traffic from the floor.

Arley Elizabeth always looks so intelligent and awesome!  It’s always a pleasure to see her!  Recently we did some really amazing work together and we may have them published in future print issues.  Please stay tuned! 

Now let’s see the whole pack at the Asanti Booth!




Donna Lăzărescu is super photogenic!  No matter when we take a picture of her, she is always so sweet and glam!  We also did a photo shoot with her, and the pictures are simply wow!  She is a natural born model!


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