Very Impressive #MonsterGirls at 2014 #SuperCross Anaheim @MonsterEnergy

Anaheim, CA, Photo and Text by Py - The opening of 2014 Monster Energy SuperCross season was held in Anaheim's iconic Angel Stadium.  The title energy drink company has prepared a very impressive line up of their top models.  A Chinese saying coined that a large number of a crowd is a beauty by itself.  Monster Energy definitely achieved that and beyond.  These dazzling models together provided a perfect poster-ready picture for the energy drink.   More over, each model is also so stunning and friendly.  Whenever they appeared, there was always a crowd following them with non-stop photo-ops.  It's simply impressive, most impressive!

In the past we have covered Ashley Michaelsen (below right blonde), who is always so brilliant and photogenic.  Also Mercedes Terrell (below left, brunette), an iconic car show model at the import scene also made her appearance at the line up.

And then there were so many models that we haven't had the chance to meet and it's a perfect opportunity to capture up close!  We saw Ana Cheri in the middle and also we were sure that Kayla Reid was in there as well and probably Bridget Jones too.  Our eyes started to dilate...

After leaving the overflowing crowd surrounding the Monster Energy Models, we met up the very cool model by the trophy, Kelsey Sliwinski, who has all the fine graces and elegance, a perfect model for a great brand!

The presence of the racer for Monster was also in the high gear with many signing autographs for their fans.  The fans for their posters were as enthusiastic as the length of the very long line they were in.  

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