Stunning #ClaudiaAlan Made Cooler Master Accessories Super Sexy at #CES2014

Las Vegas, NV, by W&HM - our amazing cover model, Claudia Alan, made her appearance at the Cooler Master business suite in the Palms Hotel and Resorts, in Las Vegas, in conjunction with the behemoth 2014 CES show!  Not only she made the business suite popular among media people, she helped spreading the brand exposure of CoolerMaster to many degrees!
Even though Palms Hotel is on the other side of the freeway against the Las Vegas strip, it turned the disadvantage to advantage by showing the glittering Vegas cityscape as a gorgeous backdrop.  It's perfect for a photo session!  We wished that we can do the coverage at night so all the lights and blinks will show through the glass window.  But then, it's Claudia Alan, so any time is a good time shooting with her!

More photos of the amazing Claudia Alan in this article:

Together with Claudia is Ashley Twomey, the very cool blonde model.  We shall have a separate coverage of her coming up soon as well!

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