Many More models at #SEMA2013


Las Vegas, NV, by W&HM - Continuing the SEMA 2013 Coverage.  There are so many models that we met them for the first time at the SEMA mega show.  There was virtually no time to collect all these awesome model's names or learn more about them.  Therefore, if you know anyone in this article, please provide proper attribution to these amazing models.  That would be awesome for them to have the proper exposure that they deserve.  Thanks in advance!

We know this very cool model at the WD-40 external satellite booth.  Her model name is Stevie Lynn and she did a marvelous job in getting people's attention, being super pleasant to talk with.  It's very cool!

At the Triangle booth there were several models, and we missed the name of this leggy blonde model!
Miss MegnaFlow Amanda Landry looking smashing with her red dress and red car behind.  Hot!

The CSF Champion Racing Raditors model is extra sweet!


There is an Italian espresso machine maker, Espresso Veloce, that mold their espresso machines like a engine block with the pipes doing the pouring or dripping.  Very very cool!!  We have to give it to the Italians for such innovative design!  It and the model definitely deserve a spot here!

The Bead Bazooka model is so earnest that she totally earned our respect!  She did not hesitate to lift the product and show us the best angle of the shot.  Great job!

The Cooper Tires models are as athletic as the tire's lifestyle portrayal.  They all look so refreshing and sporty!

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