Energetic Nicole and Nikki for #51FiftyenergyDrink at 2014 #SupeCross Anaheim II

Anaheim, CA, Photos and Text by Py - While strolling around the 2014 Monster Energy SuperCross Anaheim II Pit Party expo, we were suddenly intrigued by a couple of very sunny models.  Nicole (reddish blonde) and Nikki (purplish brunette) were posing for a photographer for their own selfies at the show.  Their big enthusiasm to the tiny phone camera showed their very cheerful moods and being great at their job.  We had to stop and observe, and then approach them, by our professional instinct...

They were working at the 51 Fifty Energy Drink.  (We found it quite interesting how many energy drinks are there in the market, but it seems to be a very good business to be in, as they always have amazing models for their promotions!)  To our big camera, Nicole and Nikki demonstrated their awesome promotional spirits and gave us quite a few cool pictures!  They did an excellent job!  Bravo!!

After warming up more, they were really energetic about the photos that we took.  They gave us a glimpse of their even more fun side, and showed their big 51 Fifty cards bearing their names.

It was such a great nano photo shoot with them, making us want to come back for more!  If you happen to go to the last Supercross Anaheim event, make sure to stop by their booth and get a sprinkle of their happy dusts!  You will be very happy that you do!

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