Constance Nunes - A Super Model with Style and Loves Cars

Constance Nunes, Text by Py

When a fashion model loves building muscle cars, drag racing, and at the same time can strike dramatic and beautiful poses in front of cameras with any wardrobe, that is a rare combination in the industry and hard to reconcile in anyone's brain.  Constance Nunes is this amazing kind of models who would entice your attention to no end with both her appearance and her passion about cars.

If you look through Constance's portfolio on her MM page, her angelic look casts a strong contrast to the hauntingly beautiful and edgy-strong contemporary work, and would take your breath away in an instance.  You would no doubt be in full awe to her talents and her taste of projects and photographers that she works with.  Her work can easily show up in any of the contemporary top fashion magazines rivaling any super models in the current trend.

On the other hand, if you ask her about cars, her eyes would light up, and she would proudly tell you that she builds her cars and knows all the cranium about it.  The amount of her enthusiasm is a perfect match to her passion to life and things, just at different ends of the spectrum.  It's not intuitive to think such a beauty would grease her hands or crank a gear when not in a designer wardrobe, but it's totally imaginable that she can get to work and restoring something as beautiful and elegant as she on the metallic side of her choice projects.

For this we have full and highest respect to her, especially we see her more and more in the car show and event world.  We look forward to seeing her more in the future as well!


2014 CES, for Southern Telecom; Photos by Py 




2013 SEMA, Las Vegas, for Forgiatto; Photos by Py / Py25 Studio

Las Vegas, NV, by W&HM - When we entered the wheels and tires section at SEMA this year, we noticed a strong force in the middle of the hall.  The super promotional model, Constance Nunes, who is also an amazing fashion model, stood tall at the Savini booth around the rotating platform with a cool Lamborghini.  We said wow!  Got to take great photos of this stunning talent.  However, due to her and her beautiful model friend, the booth was packed with people, and of course cameras too.  We finally elbowed our way in for a nano-photo-shoot session with Constance, and the results are very rewarding.  Good job well done!

You can find more about Constance by following her on Instagram @constance_nunes or model mayhem by just google her name.  Very cool talent!
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