Check out the Awesome Lineup of #RockstarEnergy Models at 2014 #SuperCross Anaheim II

Anaheim, CA, Photos and Text by Py - At the second 2014 SuperCross Anaheim event here in the bright and sunny SoCal, there was however nothing brighter than the smiles of the awesome Rockstar Energy Models in their beyond bright neon yellow skirts together with their eye catching Rockstar tops!!  On top of all these, their warm personalities and super friendliness definitely made them our top models at the event.  They made you feel like you are their good friends, and happy to take pictures with you and always offer their signed posters to you.  If this is not the best promotional work, we don't know what else can top this at the event.

The awesome lineup of this SX A2 event's Rockstar Energy models includes the followings top models (in the order of appearance here):

  • Sarai Rollins (follow IG: @sarairollins)
  • Hope (follow IG: @misss_parker)
  • Jessica Harbour (follow IG: @jessharbour)
  • Caitlin O'Connor (follow IG: @caitlin__oconnor)
  • Aqueela Zoll (follow IG: @AQUEELA)
  • Karisa Harrison (follow IG: @karisaharrison)
  • Leanna Bartlett (follow IG: @leannabartlett) 

As you can see from the below photos, they are always attention arresting, camera ready, and beautiful pictures guaranteed!

We have Hope (below brunette) and Sarai Rollins started our coverage of this awesome line up.  We met this stunning duo back in the 2013 SEMA coverage trip and we were very happy to see them again.  They are so approachable even during their busy schedule and constant activities, as everybody wanted to be photographed with these two beauties.   They were totally at ease and gave everybody what they wanted.  That's very cool!


The three graces here, Sarai Rollins, Hope, and Jessica Harbour, at the booth made the traffic stopped and cameras crowding when they stood together at the booth.  Their sheer beauty definitely left us with many good memories of them and the Rockstar brand.  We are very happy to bring them back to share with you here!

We also met up Aqueela Zoll (below left) and Caitlin O'Connor at the booth stable.  We knew Caitlin who is a wonderful and bright model and actress!  We did a feature photo shoot with her, and the photos are simply ethereal and showcase this wonderful and talented model's awesomeness!!  Look for future issue of the magazine to find more about her!


Karisa Harrison and Leanna Bartlett were the two stunning blondes who stopped us in the middle of the traffic, purely by smiling to us!  This model duo was very kind to us and stepped out of their stand and gave us a wonderful photo op for the coverage!  It was a breathtaking view!  Karisa has that energetic aura around her while Leanna posses a mesmerizing charisma inside out, and both were totally awesome to work with there!  We look forward to seeing them more in future events!

At the SX A2 event, Rockstar definitely showed their prowess in the promotional activities with their great models and buzzes that they generated!

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