Awesome Coverage of 2014 Monster Energy Drink SuperCross Anaheim 2 Models and the Scene

Anaheim, CA, Photo and Text by Py -  After we covered the first SuperCross Anaheim events this year, we just could not get enough of it.  The second Anaheim events for Monster Energy Drink SuperCross was held at a perfect tourism-poster-ready 81F degrees weather with thinly veiled high clouds in the sky.  The music was boomingly familiar, the crowd was friendly, and vendors were jolly, as well as the models were gorgeous.  It was a very good day to attend this super fun event!

We talked to the very gorgeous model Helen Fancik from AMS Oil about this event, and she said that the theme is about retro style to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the series.  The bikes would be fitted to be more like the older style bikes, and the tracks will mimic the 2001 SuperCross Championship layout.  To celebrate this theme, Helen modified her uniform and made it look affinitive to that time period.  AMS Oil also brought in a vintage car, a perfect backdrop for their models.  On top of that, they also had a brand new bike prize for those who entered the drawing.  That made the event much sweeter to attend too!

Besides the stunning array of Monster Energy Drink models at the main platform, Rockstar Energy Drink also brought in many super promotional models.  They are all tall, leggy, gorgeous and super friendly.  They are especially perfect by the bikes/cars for the theme of "Wheels and Heels"!

We  have Caitlin O'Connor (below right), looking super awesome!  She just joined the Rockstar model line up.  We were every happy to see her, because we did a feature shoot with her recently and she's amazing!!  Stay tuned for the feature to come out in our future issue!

Then we have Hope and Sarai Rollins and then Karisa Harrison and Leanna Bartlett, plus Jessica Harbour, all from the wonderful RockStar Model team!  Their uniform skirts were bright neon yellow, but it's no match to their wearers' brilliant personality and totally awesome friendliness!  They definitely made Rockstar models, the team, and JStar car look extra magnificent!!

There are a lot + a lot more photos and overview of this awesome event here...

Coming back to the front of the Pit Party expo, NGK had the first booth with Jana Poole looking particular cool!  With the Anaheim Angel Stadium's Big A Scoreboard in the background, NGK and Jana were appropriately dressed in red to celebrate the Angel Stadium's signature color.
Nicole and Nikki were two awesome model at the 51 Fifty Energy Drink booth.  We were totally impressed by their energetic spirits.  If you were there, they would make you feel like their best friends!  

It's also very interesting that right next to Nicole and Nikki, there was a car with money in it.  This is for the "Autism Money Car" donation.  The goal is to fill the car with donated cash to help their Autism cause.  What a genius idea!
We moved on to the DC booth and met the very popular DC Girls with Autumn Allenbach (2nd left).  The sheer blonde-ness of them was a perfect match to the golden state's golden sunset time.  They sure made the DC clothing / accessories look very cool!
We met Olivia Paladin (below right) at CES iHip booth earlier this year.  She is one of the most creative and perky model that we always appreciate!  Her spontaneity just made our whole reporting so much more fun!

There were many more name-not-collected-but-equally-cool models whom we captured glimpses of.  Hopefully next time we will have more time to know them much better!

Last time, the Monster Energy Drink Girl Kelsey Slinwiski had a huge impression made on us.  This time, we were happy to see her again, right next to the Monster Energy Drink's trophy stand.  She is definitely on the winning side of our coverage with her warm personality and great modeling appearance!
When we walked around the Pit Party, there was something about SuperCross than other car shows.  Despite lots of bikes instead of four wheels, the whole experience and atmosphere was just lighter, more fun, more cheerful, and not heavy at all.  It's a perfect family outing event for a Saturday afternoon.  Take the kids to an autograph session, and even more, having the little one's forehead signed by famed bike racers is definitely priceless and a Kodak memory/photo forever.  And of course, the actions in the tracks would make the whole family excited and sharing a great bond.  A good time is ensured!  With this, we look forward to the next event here in Southern California!


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