Olivia Korte, Our Cover Model, Looks Stunning at @2Crave Booth in #SEMA 2013 @_oko_

Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - One of the highlights of our trip to SEMA 2013 is to see our cover models again!  We work with the best of the best and it's always a great time catching up with them at events!

Olivia Korte always looks so refreshing both in person and in picture.  This year she graced the 2Crave booth, whom we crowned as best model team in SEMA 2013.   Her infectious smiles can light up your spirit during a long day at the big SEMA convention.  She tirelessly worked at the booth, amassing attendees' attentions and interacting with people with her magnetic ambassadorship.  Totally awesome and super professional!

Her popularity is widespread since she travels a lot and represents many top brands in the industry.  She even has her wiki page in wikipedia!  Now that's what we call a celebrity model!  Definitely check out her awesome works!!  We look forward to working with her and seeing her in many future shows!



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