Girls of SEMA 2013 Highlight #2 #SEMA2013 #GIRLSOFSEMA

Las Vegas, NV (Py) - SEMA is definitely an ultimate summation of great models in the car show promotional industry in the US!  At the Vortech, Serena Su and Ashley Clark looking great!  And we haven't seen Thai Marie Cali for a long + long time!  It's great to spot her back in the scene, here with Konig!  Awesome!

And at the Anzo booth, the two totally stunning models, Ana Cheri, and our cover model Jessica Weaver, are so warm and welcoming to our camera!  Super Duo Troopers!!

At the Genius Tools booth, we have Jennifer Irene Gonzalez, our cover model, and her Just-Flew-in-Never-Seen-In-The-Scene-Before Taiwanese friend (left).  They just look super cute!!!  Lots of cool photos were made!

And Arley Elizabeth, our cover model as well here!  We are soooo happy to see her again!!  The Asanti's booth is so busy with Arley and other awesome models!

Donna is such a beautiful model, also at Asanti!

Ashley Clark again!  Yay!

Elizabeth Michelle looks cool here!

Marie Alvarez and Serena Suu here...
Ling looks hot in her red dress and Amanda looks cool in her little black dress!  Both wow!!

Constance Nunes looks super hot!

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