Claudia Alan's Bright Smiles at #ToyoTires in SEMA 2013 @RealClaudiaAlan

Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - Claudia Alan is a super popular model in all events that she attends.  It's not just because she is totally gorgeous, or she has awesome poses, or her personable personality that makes everybody feel like a great friend to her.  It's her smile that is so refreshing, so at ease, and so put-you-off-guard-and-open-your-heart-like!

At the SEMA 2013, Claudia has been working hard going places as Toyo Tires have multiple spots at the show, and you know that the space in SEMA is HUGE.  Sometimes, she is under the roof, and sometimes she is under a tent.  Nonetheless, she always brings her A-game to everybody.  That's why people are so happy to see her as they will always bring home a memorable moment and pictures with this awesome model!

Claudia Alan is also a big-kind-hearted person.  Just in time that this Saturday (11/16/2013) she will join the other awesome models to do charity donation event for the Typhoon disaster relief.  She is totally awesome!!  



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