Autofashion + Falken 7th Annual VIP Festival at HRE by Clinton Lum @calibre68

Vista, CA (Photos by Clinton Lum, Text by Staff) - One would imagine how our sage contributor Clinton Lum does it... After the mammoth SEMA show at Las Vegas for 4 full days, the weekend after should be recuperation time.  But noooo, Clinton drove down to San Diego to the HRE Performance Wheels HQ office to attend the Autofashion + Falken 7th Annual VIP Festival car meet and captured many cool photos, especially in the cars department here [int link]!  At the meet, we had the Limitless Society team at presence.  Amy Ames is also one of the hardest working models to be there, also just came back from SEMA.  Our hats off to both Clint and Amy!

Jenna Lane is another hardest working model who also just came back from SEMA... Wow!  Super cool!!



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