A Touch of Grace Foundation Typhoon Haiyan Fundraising with amazing @ihrtmichelleyee at @Vapeciti

Fullerton, CA (Py) - Following the previous article of the wonderful charity event of A Touch of Grace for Typhoon Haiyan Fundraising, we have the coverage of Michelle Yee and other activities at the event.  Michelle Yee is super cool to join Melyssa Grace and Claudia Alan for this fantastic cause of helping people in need in Philippine.  The results of the donations proved the event to be a great success, with truck loads of donations ready to be sent to the very much needed area.

Michelle Yee at the event, also made it super fun!  Besides the cool photo from the last article showing that she is super spontaneous.  Here you will find that Michelle is super fun and creative to shoot with.  You surely don't get a dull moment when doing the shoot with her!

The Foundation founder Melyssa Grace, also brought her cars to the event and added the true "Wheels and Heels" spirit.  With her cool pink drifting racing car 240SX it becomes a mini car show!  How cool is that!!

Again, our hats' off to the super awesome Melyssa Grace as well as the all wonderful Claudia Alan, and super fun and cool Michelle Yee.  Great job, well done!!




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