90+ Pix Girls of #SEMA2013 Gigantic Coverage Part 1

Las Vegas, NV (Py) - 2013 SEMA is a HUGE show, and a totally awesome one!!  SEMA has always been the reigning top event for all things automobile, from equipment, to tools, to parts, to accessories, to gadgets, even to fleet management.  Las Vegas Convention Center is filled almost to the last square inch of the space that they have.  And this year's SEMA event is even the biggest one in its history in term of the vendor presence!

The good news is that the accompanying promotional personalities and models are abundant at the show as well!  That would be the sweetest music to our ears and we are dutifully and happily to report what we have observed at the show!

First off, we were very excited to see many of our cover and featured models there for various awesome vendors!  2Crave this year brought out the best team of models to the show, including Melyssa Grace and Olivia Korte at the top.  Claudia Alan always makes Toyo Tires extra special!  Arley Elizabeth and Donna Lăzărescu at Asanti Wheels looking super cool!  And Leng Yein from Malaysia graced the JDM Sports booth.
South Hall of Las Vegas Convention Center is the epicenter of the promotional model presence at SEMA.  We would venture to say that the 80/20 rule would probably be applied well here.  The wheels and tires companies are the primary sources of vendors.  They have hired so many well known, established, awesome and totally cool models to be present at the South Hall, where you can literally spending the whole time there taking pictures of the models and the products.  Of all types of vendors, wheels and tires really know what lifestyle marketing is and always do a great job!!

Here is a 90+ pictures recap of the awesome models that we met at the South Hall!
The 2Crave Girls are becoming an industry top standard bearer at the show.  Melyssa Grace and Olivia Korte, our cover models, are two totally amazing models.  Ashley Towmey and Brittany Brickner show the blonde and brunette versions of the 2Crave girls.

Venassa Thompson and Arika Sato definitely complete a perfect line up of the 2Crave Girls team!  They are simply wow!!


And no SEMA event coverage can go without the Hankook girls!  This year's Hankook girls are one of the best that we have seen so far!  Jessica Harbour, Erica Nagashima, Katelynn Ansari, and Sadie May, each has her personality and charm, yet they created a perfectly blended harmony for the Hankook brand.  Great job!
Falken Tires brought a strong team to the SEMA, and we are very happy to see Julie Galindo and Randyl Dawn graced the show again!  The two versions of the uniforms work well for the blue-themed company branding color.  We especially like the deeper blue mini dress, as it shows a strong and consistent company color yet keeps the clean and accentuating lines.  Keep up the good work team!

Toyo Tires has their super potent model, Claudia Alan, our cover model, at the show.  Claudia is always so personable and welcoming to the show attendees, making great ambassadorial impressions on people!

Asanti has four super cool models, including Arley Elizabeth, our cover model, and Nathalia Castellon, Donna Lăzărescu, and Dianna Dahlgren!  They are the most fun team at the SEMA show!  If you spent even just 30 seconds watching their poster signing actions, you would feel like you are watching an unscripted fun vignette, and you did not event need to get a ticket to see it!   Super great job girls!


Pirelli has traditionally used the South American models for the SEMA shows.  However, this year, they used some of the top talents from the Southern California region, including Summer Daniels, Corissa Furr, and Elle Navarro, and one more model to illustrate the point of these models' international appeals!
At Kosei, this is the first time Marie Alvarez at the SEMA show.  From what we have seen from the wires, she had a blast at the show!  We see a great trend starting!  Forgiato had Jeri Lee at the spinning platform showing her excellent personality in 360 degrees!  Jeri is always so bright and amazing to shoot with!

Crystal Leigh and Brianna Nicole are two super cool models at the Vision Wheel!

When we went to the Sailun Tires booth, we knew what we would get, tons of awesome pictures of awesome models like Maya Michelle Rew, Shendelle Schokman, as well as Jessyca Rayanne, Kelly Kline plus many other cute, hot or cool models too!


Michelle Yee always looks cool!  Julie Mai looks refreshingly hot at the Wind Power booth!
Nexen's purple color is unmistakably strong at the show!  The Jaro sisters, Jestene and Dawn made Vossen booth look extra extra fantastic!
We were very happy to see Leng Yein, our cover model, again at the JDM Sports in SEMA!  She is such an international super star, and her presence is noticed everywhere she goes.  Ling Ferrero also had that super hot red dress that definitely raised the convention temperature several notches.

Kaylee Alana was not event supposed to be working at SEMA.  However, her sheer beauty and presence just got her an offer right at the spot!  Talking about the modeling power!  Amanda Vex and Victoria Elise had the Lexani booth super classy and simply amazing!

Constance Nunes and her friend at the super cool at the Savini Forged Wheels booth!  Ashley Vee and Jacky Kvicky are the two silver fairies at the Rohana booth.  Look awesome!
Nitto Tires maintains their strong tradition of high end look with their models in the evening gowns with cool Nitto Sashes.  Nice!  Continental Tires went for the traditional little black dresses with classic blonde look.  Both are highly praised and highly photographed!

There are simply so many models to cover.  Nelly Chavez leading the pack with her great personality at the Velocity booth!

It's great to see Thai Cali Mari again at Konig!  We haven't seen her for a while and it's a total happy surprise to see her again!

Cara Provenzano at the Kenda Tires has a very welcoming personality and people love to take pictures with her!  Natalia Marie and Monique May are the evergreen models at SEMA!  They always look soooo good!
Now we are entering the model section that we failed our journalism to find out their names.  Nonetheless, the credential of SEMA modeling has already put these amazing models up in several levels compared to others.  We always salute them with all our high respects!  We do look forward to seeing them again next year!  We love to see everyone next year too!!

This merely the Part 1 of the coverage, focusing on the South Hall actions.  Tomorrow will be the North Hall, Central Hall as well as the DUB show under the sunny Las Vegas sun!  Stay tuned!
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