50+ Pix Girls of #SEMA2013 Gigantic Coverage Part 2

Las Vegas, NV (Py) - North Hall and Central Hall, where are the non-Wheels-or-Tires companies showcase their products, including equipment, tools, modifications, accessories, and all other things automobile.  They may have less model densities compared to the South Hall, they don't lack in star powers like their counterpart.  Also you may notice the subtlety of the different styles of model uniforms.  South Hall is more about a luxury lifestyle project while the North and Central Halls are more into themes and specialties.  This gives a slight hint of cosplay at the show too.  We welcome this direction of the varieties.

Our awesome cover models, Jessica Weaver for Anzo, Sarah Marie for Kinetik and Jennifer Irene Gonzalez for Genius Tools, are covering all corners of the halls.  It's great to see them again at this huge space of exhibitions, like meeting a family member after a long working day, a great and familiar feeling!

Now let's check out all the great models at the non-South-Hall locations!
Ana Cheri and Jessica Weaver, our cover model, are the main staples of Anzo booth.  They had non-stop traffic coming to them to be blessed with their signed posters.
Sarah Marie, our cover model, and Mercedes Rangel were having a great time at the Kinetik booth.  Sarah Marie was busy signing away her posters, a joint project of Sarah Marie, Wheels and Heels Mag, and Kinetik!  It looks smoking awesome!

Jennifer Irene Gonzalez, our cover model, and Mao Lin, who just flew in from Taiwan for the first time to be in SEMA, made the Genius Tools booth a super fun place to be.    No matter you are active participant of the booth activities, or a bystander, you will have a smile on your face when  you reluctantly leave the space.  They definitely made a strong impression on you for sure!!  Great job Genius Tools and the models and the team!!

The Explosives Expert Dog was having a great time too!!
Diana Grant for Yukon always looks immaculate and majestic!  It's always great to see her!!
Sarai Rollins and Misss_Parker are the rock stars of the Rockstar Garage!  Their sheer glamour beauty radiate millions volts of electricity to whoever looking at them.  Wow!!

Ashley Clark, Serena Su are such wonderful models that they gave us a personal time for these wonderful photo ops!  Kudos girls!!
Elizabeth Michelle and friends were really busy signing their posters, PLUS giving each poster personalized kisses!!  Now that's genius!!  Great job!!

Kim Kinsley is always sooo glamorous and cool!  It's always a highlight to see her at a show!

Lindsey Hanson, Lena Hakim are the staples of Kia motors at SEMA.  They have that classy and positive vibes around them, great brand ambassadors!!

Amanda Gift for Mazada is just as iconic as always.  She is highly gifted with both in front of the camera and behind it!  Definitely check out her works!

There were so many red dress ladies at the North and Central hall that we had to group them together and demonstrate how eye-catching they are!

Ashley Sarto is such a great model to meet and catch up with!  She would treat people like her good friends and totally makes you feel comfortable talking with her.  That's the ultimate promotional modeling talent!

Ashlee Davis looks smashing here in her little white dress!  Wow!
Big Abe, a celebrity at the SEMA show!
Angela Kutscher with her long blonde hair looks smoking hot and cheerfully bright!  Very cool!

The Classio upholstery ladies are totally awesome and warm!  Always great to take pictures of them!

At the DUB Show outside the Las Vegas Convention Center is another whole different place to enjoy the cars and models and autoworks there!  Super cool!

Stevie Lynn for WD-40 has a super awesome personality!  She is so wonderful to talk to and take pictures of.  She is definitely a great brand ambassador model for sure!
HTNA models always have a different style of uniforms than others, but they definitely work for us!

D'Layne Kaye in her brunette color hair for Powder Depot .Com all organic color ingredient booth, looks cool and her personality is even cooler!  Totally look forward to seeing her again in the future!

Miss Wanda has a flower in her hair, makes us wonder if she is from San Francisco.  Nevertheless, she looks gorgeous!
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