Uplifting Roenna Designs Runway Show Shines at Pacific BMW Car Meet Glendale CA

Glendale, CA (Py) - One thing we didn't expect from any car meet in Southern Claifornia, besides the three of our awesome cover models being there, or the surprise Octoberfest girls-and-kegs' presence, is a high fashion runway show, with real fashion models and wonderfully talented designer's works!  Their beautiful runway show has elevated the whole event to a new high level!

At the Pacific BMW Car Meet event, the design team at Roenna Designs, whose creations draw from classic Hollywood icons as well as timeless pieces across the various period styles, put together an elegant and lyrical fashion show.  The runway show is a great success by the responding enthusiasms of the audience and media folks.  Also the runway models at the event are not what you usually see at a car show.  Many of them are close to 6' tall and have that strong fashion look.  We spotted great models like Kaylen M (above left) and Elizabeth Michelle (above right), as well as Shannon C, who all are from MyeliteModels Management.  Their catwalk were simply awesome!  As we said earlier, the runway show is a total success!

This not only demonstrated the power of network + teamwork to put together a great car event, it also says a lot of the organizer of the event who went outside the box and created something different, and a very cool difference that they have made.  Many kudos!!  We definitely look forward to the next time!