October 26, 2013

Super Adorable Danielle Lo for Nishimoto plus Girls of Exedy at Formula Drift Irwindale @Calibre68 #fdirw

Irwindale, CA (Photos by Clinton Lum and Py, Text by Staff) - As we conclude the coverage of the great Formula Drift Irwindale event, here we have Danielle Lo captured by our sage contributor Clinton Lum.  Danielle has always been a top favorite of her many many fans.  It's her fun personality and playful style of modeling that make her a super popular model at the scene.

We also saw two new Exedy girls at the event.  They are tall  fashion model physiques.  Sometimes we had to tip-toed to take a picture of them, which does not happen often.




To see more coverage and features of the model, click on her label below in the gray box.
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