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October 27, 2013

SEMA is Less Than 10 Days Away!! Blast From the Past, 2012 #SEMA!!

Los Angeles, CA (W&HM) - SEMA is always the holy grail of all car shows and events in the United States, and a top force in the world wide market.  This year, 2013 SEMA is going to be the biggest show in their history according to their press release recently.  That means there will be a supersized presence of amazing models and promotions.  We are very excited about this year's show (in fact, we are very excited about every SEMA show!)  We cannot wait to bring back all the great photos of the great models from the show, in less than 10 days!  Please stay tuned!

While you are waiting, here is a glimpse of the amazing models from last year's SEMA so you get a sense of what's coming in the store in 2013 SEMA!
Our cover models, from the top photo, Melyssa Grace, Arley Elizabeth, Olivia Korte, and below photos: Sarah Marie, Jessica Weaver, Nicole Marie, as well as gorgeous models that we have shot before, including Tanya Rouse, Amanada Kerr, Eva Skye, and Helen Fancik.  They are totally amazing at the event!

And we cannot go talking about car show models without mentioning the famed Hankook girls.  They are simply soooo adorable!

Falken is not leaving all the spotlights to the Hankook and here are the Falken girls!
And the classy sexy Pirelli models, wow!!
Now see how many models you can name from this article!  Tell us in the comment area!






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