Sandra Wong for Nitto Tire at 2013 Formula Drift Irwindale @MsSandraWong #fdirw

Irwindale, CA (W&HM) - Sandra Wong is by far one of the most popular models in the car promotional professional scene.  She epitomizes a gentle and fashion-glamor style of beauty. Every picture you see of her, has a wholesome, poetic, and yet sometimes playful tone about it.  Her subtlety and natural talents make her stand out in a loud and sometimes exhausting promotional scene, like a calming lily in a wavy pond.  And on top of that, she is such a congenial and friendly person.  Whenever you stop by and if she recognizes you, you are guaranteed to have a very pleasant conversation with her, which makes your whole trip feel a lot more fulfilling and simply happier!  It's always a great pleasure to see Sandra!  And we look forward to seeing her more in the future!



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