Kelly Gebh for GXS Racing Matches The 109F Heat at #RedlineTimeAttack

Fontana, CA (W&HM) - Kelly Gebh is a super dedicated model for GXS Racing. At the Redline Time Attack Fontana, CA event, Kelly woke up really early early because of the distance she needs to drive. Then at the location, it's like 109F temperature, and she is wearing a tight and less breathable material top and bottom. It's fine if it is a Fall weather, but Fontana's oven weather is not ideal for this at all. And she needs to stay there pretty much all by herself for 6+ hours, since there were no other models there! Wow, our hats' off to her and her perseverance!! 

Still it's all worth it, because we got some really cool pictures of Kelly! Now take a look at these cool photos of a hot model in a overheating location!


It really doesn't matter if it is inside or outside... Kelly makes it look effortless!

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