Gorgeous Erica Law and Lori Lin for #HIN Rocked R1 Concepts Open House

La Habra, CA (W&HM) - Besides Gwendolynne and Chelsea Lee, Erica Law and Lori Lin are also the great models from HIN at the R1 Concepts car meet.

Erica Law is such a beauty that totally reflects the traditional asian beauty with a modern twist.  Her elegant smile and mesmerizing eyes are so captivating.  No wonder all the photos of her are soooo framably gorgeous!


Lori Lin on the other hand, has that great appearance full of passion and unspoken magic.  with a few simple camera clicks, Lori has created many very memorable photos for us.

We look forward to seeing both Erica Law and Lori Lin in the future, soon!!!!

And talking about beauties, we have to include Big Abe and the Kuya team!!  They are the masculine kind beauty and they protect the feminine beauties sound and well, always!!  Kudos and our hats' off to them!!

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