Claudia Alan and Monster Energy Drink, GXS Racing, Extreme Dimensions, So Many yet so Little Time at Formula Drift Irwindale by Clinton Lum, @Calibre68 #fdirw

Irwindale, CA (Photos by Clinton Lum, Text by Staff) - At the Formula Drift Irwindale event, it is the final title fight event with the sold out crowd, which means gigantic vendor presence at the car show right next to the competition venue.  All brand names and vendors brought out the big names and awesome promotional models for their booth presence.
We saw Claudia Alan looking great for Aerofunction with a black mini dress, tre tre chic!

And at the Monster Energy Drink booth, we have Courtney for the team, Ana Cheri and Ashley Michaelsen (below blonde) in the Monster's cool uniform.  Hotness is beyond description and coolness is the brand!
Whiteline also has a cool model as well, and showing their Whiteline suspension system equipped green car at the show.  GXS Racing always has their prominent presence especially at the big show and a racing show.  Kelly Gebh and her fellow models gave us a warm welcome to the space.

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