@Calibre68 's Great Highlight Coverage of 2013 Formula Drift Promo Models by Clinton Lum #fdirw

Irwindale, CA (Photos by Clinton Lum, Text by Staff) - Formula Drift Round 7 Title Fight event at Irwindale is always a big deal in the promotional professional world.  It's a major presence, especially with their sold-out crowd and major media presence at the location.  Therefore, many of the vendors at the event brought out their best of the best to get their brand names out there.

Our sage contributor Clinton Lum (see his byline at the end of the article) has provided us a glimpse of all the great models at the FD event, working hard both by-the-track and off-track, covering both smoking drifting actions and smoking hot models.

To start off, we have the Hankook girls again here with an up close and personal shots of each model...

To start off, we have Erica Nagashima, Sadie May, as well as Katelynn Ansari and Jessica Harbour.  The four totally super stunning models definitely set the very high bar for brand ambassadorship in the industry!  Hankook marketing team is always at the forefront to have top talents and we have all our hats off to the great job that they have done, both the marketing team and the models!  We look forward to seeing them again at the Vegas SEMA show soon!

And cannot be outdone by Hankook, we have Falken Tires girls as well at the scene.  It's always great to see Julie Galindo and Randyl Dawn at the show!!
It's great to see the three graces at the Nitto Tires again!  Sandra Wong, Beckie Joon, and Izzy are so energetic and friendly.  Totally awesome!
Danielle Lo for Nishimoto as well as Arley Elizabeth (below right) for Achilles!  The world is so beautiful with these lovely ladies!
Monster Energy Drink's super cool models, Ana Cheri and Ashley Michaelsen, as well as Courtney (above above) brought glamor and fun together to the event!  Great job always!
The awesome girls at Rehv Clothings are wonderful and familiar faces, of Marissa Hiroko and Brittani Paige! And thanks to Clint's tireless work, we got the glimpses of both in two different time periods of day and night!

And when it comes to working hard, Kelly Gebh for GXS Racing is another model that we know working long distance, long hour, and always looking so pleasant!
Kay Bae for Spocom!!  Yay!  It's great to see Kay again!

To see more coverage and features of the model, click on her label below in the gray box.

About Our Sage Contributor: Clinton Lum
Clinton’s background is in Architecture which provides a unique foundation from which he photographs his subjects, whether they are models, cars, or a mix in between. As with Architecture, photography requires an attention to detail to balance composition, form and light to present a final image.

He has been in the import scene since 2004 and has covered countless events inSouthern California and out of state. Besides import events, he has also covered automotive sports such as D1 Grand Prix, Formula Drift, Indy Car, NASCAR and NHRA drag racing.

In the past few years, he has been involved with glamour photography and learning to utilize off camera strobe lights and modifiers. Compared to event photography, photo shoots allow for more lighting control while providing the time to properly compose shots.