Brittani Paige Told us Two Very Funny Stories at R1 Concepts @msbrittanipaige

La Habra, CA (W&HM) - Brittani Paige is one of the most fun models in the car show promotional industry.  Talking about brain, beauty, and brightness, she is definitely a triple-threat talent!  In fact, she is so genius, we were able to create TWO narratives purely based on the RANDOM photos that we took at the awesome R1 Concepts Open House event.  Let's see just how super-amazing she is!!

Brittani was holding one of living California treasure, In N' Out burger!  She was totally happy that lunch's finally here!

Then came Big Abe, a tug of In N' Out bag war broke out... but,

Brittani prevailed at the end, and reclaimed her almost lost lunch, with pure excitement and overjoy!

And now she has a picture to prove it too!  Great job Brittani!
Now all things settled down...  "What can I do now?????" said Brittani to herself...
Here came another idea... "Hmm, what's in my hand now?!"

"Haha, see what I am going to do to Melyssa!" Oops, instantly caught on W&HM's camera!!

Okay, kids, don't believe all things on the internet.  The above stories are purely concatenated by our overworked copywriter. They were actually all unrelated and non-sequenced photos.  But it's pretty brilliant, isn't it? :-)

Also, it demonstrated how cool and fun Brittani is.  Next time, definitely stop by and chat with her.  You might build your own stop-motion style stories with her brilliance!

BIG NOTE: Big Abe actually is a super friendly and very cool guy!  He was just acting with Brittani for the photo op above.  Always a great guy!!
Then we cannot overlook how gorgeous she is as well.  Like we said, Brittani's brain, beauty, and brightness are pure awesomeness!

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