Bright Star Amber Alvarez for R1 Concepts Open House

La Habra, CA (W&HM) - If you have met Amber Alvarez in person, you would not just be mesmerized by her speaking and sparkling eyes, you would also be super impressed by the happy and fun personality that she shows in every minute, or even seconds.  Whenever you do a nano-shoot with her at a show, you would definitely get some really cool shots of her.  Her smiles are definitely as bright, if not brighter, than those hi power halogen lights.  At the R1 Concepts, she's one of the three official R1 Concepts girls at the show, together with Melyssa Grace, and Brittani Paige.  And not only she does a great job in posing to cameras, she is also a talented go-go dancer, which she demonstrated her talent at the show as well.  You would be able to take a glimpse of her at the end of our R1 Concepts Open House video short.



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