Awesome Music Video Coverage and Features from W&HM!!! Must Watch!!

Los Angeles, CA (W&HM) - We here at Wheels and Heels Mag always try new things to see how good they are.  After a few test runs, we found this site Magisto to be a pretty awesome on-line video editing site.  Here are some clips that we ran through their automatic editing machine and got back from them.

The music video style fits perfectly for our themes and everything comes out alive and amazing!

(1) Above, at the Pacific BMW Accessory FEST, Glendale, CA
This is a totally fun short video of Arley Elizabeth, Jessica Weaver, and Sandra Wong, our three cover models, being super + super cute!!

(2) During the R1 Concepts Open House, we got some really nice clips of Brittani Paige playing cool, Melyssa's smiles, also Gwendolynne G's energetic personality, with Amber Alvarez dancing and closed the video.

(3) We did a shoot with our cover model Phoenix Stanna, with Classic Chicana's Club vintage Ford and their awesome wear. Super vintage!  The photos are simply stunning!!  Stay tuned for them!

(4) At the Extreme Autofest San Diego, we did a quick capture of Ashley Clark, Marie Alvarez, and Cherise Jeanine, as well as Alysia Guerrero! the results are very satisfying!

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