Achilles Win Big at Formula Drift! Especially with Arley Elizabeth and Ashley Twomey

Irwindale, CA (Photos by Py, Clinton Lum, Text by W&HM) - Achilles Radial has garnished two important titles at the 2013 Formula Drift Final Round, with Daigo Saito as the first place, and Forrest Wang at third.  This gave a perfect opportunity for both Arley Elizabeth and Ashley Twomey to stand at the podium and get showered by the splashing Champaign by the winners.  Fun time ensued!

Arley Elizabeth, as an experienced model, is now the Achilles official model.  She is doing a great job, getting people's attentions and camera flashes!  Her professional, wholesome, and fun personality is a perfect match for the radial tire company!  Ashley Twomey the blonde model is a new entry to Achilles models and added a different style to them as well.

Both are so wonderful to photograph with!  We will see more of them in the future for sure!!


When we were photographing Arley at the autograph session, we got Robbie Nishida's attention as well, so we are happily to capture the two in two differently focused photos!

To see more coverage and features of the model, click on her label below in the gray box.



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