Wheels and Heels Mag Featured Model - Gloria Touch @gloria_touch08

Los Angeles, CA (Py) - We are very happy to feature Gloria Touch in both our print edition Issue 7 as well as here on the web.  Gloria is an awesome model and she is a gifted DJ too!  She has been to several car show events, including this year's Autocon Arcadia, as well as other shows in her hometown Seattle.  And her DJ career is equally booming, made her a hot-in-demand talent in the club/event scenes.
Gloria is a making-things-happen type of person.  Even though she lives in Seattle, she still allocated time to come down to Southern California and worked with us and did a fantastic shoot.  We have encountered many models outside the LA/OC area, and many showed very high enthusiasm, but not everybody is like Gloria who means what she says.  Purely just by doing the planning with her, we were impressed!
During the shoot, Gloria is totally awesome and performed in front of our camera wonderfully!  She always shows her genuine personality during the shoot, which made the pictures more personable and close.  The working experience with Gloria is such a positive one that we would totally love to work with her again in the future and create even more amazing work!  

Gloria is uber awesome!

To find out more about Gloria, you can find her in
and she is on instagram as well!

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