Great Coverage of 2013 #86Fest Models, #Fontana

Fontana, CA (Py) - This year's 86Fest is an awesome event!  Not only the attendance rate is high, vendor presence was immense, and the many top models were attracted to the event as well!  Combined with the chance to some for a do-it-yourself-drifting/racing, we say that this is a super cool event!  With the trajectory based on the historical trend, it's being becoming a prominent event in Southern California!

The top model honor is to Marissa Hiroko at OEMAudio,  Not because she has the Japanese heritage in her for this Japanese car show, it's because she put on a gorgeous but non-underarmour-material short kimono, in a 90+F weather with SB basin cooking in full effect, and she still has that super kirei and glamours look for our camera.  We cannot give enough respect to her!  Totally awesome job!!

A great model can strike any pose with any smile under any lighting condition and create a wonderful picture.  Our cover model Sandra Wong at Crawford Performance always has that modeling talent and effortless look that create such an affinity to people.  At the sweltering heat, Sandra's smile is even brighter than the sun and put you at ease no matter how loud the surrounding is.  Super great!
We are so happy to see our cover model Jennifer Irene Gonzalez at the Genius Tools booth.  She is such a refreshing face in the car show scene, and totally awesome with people!  She is business smart and professional, and on top of it, she always brings good vibes out of people and think of her friends above all.  We always salute to her whenever we see her!!  At the 86Fest stand, we saw Jeri Lee and snapped a few quick captures of her shwoing her mesmerizing smiles.  Always super cute and super amazing!!
We remember that we saw Serena for Dayuum somewhere before, then we realized that we saw her at the Wekfest Long Beach this year.  She has grown to be a great model now!  Maya Michelle Rew is definitely a welcome at the show!  It's always great to catch up with her, even like 5 seconds that we got a chance to take a few pictures.  Awesome!
Ashley Clark (right) for Dayuum makes a car look sexy without even trying.  Her all-American persona just bring out the best of everything here, even the Japanese cars!

The OEMAudio team is totally amazing!  In that heat, we had the breathable clothing, we could not stand the heat and the sun block was not blocking anymore.  Then they kept on with their full kimonos under the sun and under the shades.  We have to say that they are the best of the best!

Maribel Chavez for Klutch has that confident and relaxing look, and we totally enjoyed the nano photo session with her.  And there are many more models that we had a chance or did not  have a chance to capture.  In the end, it was a very happy event to attend, and had a lot of fun and so happy to see so many models and cars and people turned up.  Keep it up guys!!

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