Awesome #2Crave Open House with Ashley Malia and More by Clinton Lum

La Mirada, CA (Photo by Clinton Lum, Text by W&HM) - In a crowded wheels and rims manufacturers in Southern California region, 2Crave Alloy stands out as a very innovative and ahead of the curve type of wheels company.  Even before you actually see and touch their products, their company presences, from on-line web design, to events and promotions project a sleek and stylish philosophy in them.  Their booths in various shows are always one of the top crowd gathering spot.  We always applaud their smart and effective marketing works at every event.

This time, at their open house car meet, 2Crave Alloy had a slightly different approach and brought in energy, movements, and sexiness into the event.  The gogo'ers include Ashley Malia, Suemomo, and more at the location.  Definitely kept the event fun and more fun!

Claudia Alan was also there, together with Pac is Back shirt.  Very cool!


Definitely check out 2Crave Alloy company as well as our coverage in the Cars section.

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