2013 Hooters Ontario CA SShowcase Car Show

Onatrio, CA (Py) - We were invited to an all American cars car meet/show at the Hooters Ontario, CA.  This is a truly refreshing experience, because we usually encounter the different styles of imports, low riders, custom, vintage.  However an all American style is the first. 

Even thought the show is not as huge as others, the enthusiasm is no less than the other car-passionate die-hards in other shows.  There were totally souped up Chevy and darling Bel-Air, as well as different types of Corvettes.  It's a good time with good made-in-America cars on a Sunday afternoon.  Great job to the organizer and we do look forward to the next year's!

There are three parts of coverage: 
[Part 1
[Part 2]
[Part 3]

Definitely check them out!!

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