Lea Anne Rocking at the #EAF #SD at SoundStream Booth!

San Diego, CA (W&HM) - We had a wonderful time doing a micro-shoot with Lea Anne at the Extreme Autofest San Diego!  She alerted us early on as to which booth she is going to be at via a text.  Then we spend a good 10 min at the booth to capture some really cool photos, while promoting her company's presence.  That's a win-win-win deal.  Great job and awesome thinking Lea Anne!
If you don't know Lea Anne, she is an energetic model with lots of ideas, and love challenges.  She is also a race driver that is highly competitive.  And also, she knows cars inside out and can talk metal probably more than most attendees at the show.  To prove that, just check her inks on her hand and you will be impressed, even before you ask her some expert advises.  Really cool!!

Then we met up with two other models that just make the keyboard like wardrobe combination genius!


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