Big Pictorial Highlight of 2013 Extreme Autofest San Diego Models #EAF

San Diego, CA (Py) - This year's Extreme Autofest San Diego has carried its cool integrated tradition of diversified model types, variety of car styles, with great concert performances and energetic bikini contest.  It brought a wide spectrum of enthusiasts, being of cars or models or performances or shows, as well as families for a good time and a Saturday afternoon outing.  It's a easy, relaxing, fun event, and definitely won a big thumb up from us!  Great job EAF Team!

San Diego weather is always an accommodating one, which is a combination of Los Angeles characteristic sunny sky and San Francisco sentimental breezes.  It provided a perfect backdrop for the outdoor event.  When you enter the Qualcomm Stadium parking lot, you immediate can feel the vibes of people, music, cars, and displays and free swags.  Looking through rows of cars, you get a sense that this is a very well organized show, as the similar types of car models and clubs are grouped in sections, making it easy for people to check out their liking.  We will have the car coverage articles in the cars section in the next few days.

As for models, you can tell that they are not quite the same as the Anaheim event, which is good.  They have many local talents which opens up more opportunities to the new or unfamiliar models, as well as glimpses for models-in-line.  At the model lounge, This year San Diego's theme is Pin-Up style.  Well, some models got the memo and did their wonderful looks with that authentic feel of the pin-up era.  We highly applaud these ladies for their thoughtfulness as well as showing their professionalism about their trade.

Model Lounge
At the model lounge, following the pin-up theme, we found these amazing models with these great costumes and make up and hair that can transport you back to the 50's, the height of the era.  Starting at the top, Ashley Clark, has that Rosie the Riveter set up with the golden touch of the red bandana, gave us an arm up and "we can do it" pose, with her bright smile matching her bright personality.  Totally awesome!

Lyna Ly Sparks did a 50's beach goer style, that is totally cool!  We even caught a wavely water reflections on her face too!  She could be in Martha's Vineyard or French Riviera any time!
Diamond Zaang and her surprised look and great job on her hair do and make up, is a complete package!  Lilianne with red pokadot shorts could not be more pin-up like!  Awesome!  And Regina Mei's hair flower brought us back to the soothing Hawaiian beach sunset... Awww...  And there are more!

Aleixa Cortez, Miss Mimi and Jenny Lam are three super talented models!  We have a couple of videos of Miss Mimi and Jenny and will be available soon!

Amanda Kerr, Shauvon P and Christine Zegers are looking super sweet and gorgeous!!

(name removed) and Lily Evans are two super talented yet sensual models, in two totally different ways.  Simply smoking!!
Jenna Lane, Tasha Marie, Mila Deguzman, are so cool to shoot with at the model lounge!
Claudia Lopez has her own stickers!  They look awesome, especially with that Hawaiian motif in it.  Great job!

Don't you love selfies?!  You can find the pictures that Ashley and Amanda were taking at their instagram accounts: @ashhhcee and @msamandakerr

Vendor Models
If you are hired by a vendor to represent them, you must have passed several tests, knowingly or unknowingly.  The event modeling market is relatively small, but the models are abundant with more waiting at the door.  Only the truly talented and absolutely professional, as well as greatly networked and highly socialized and exposed (fame, not skin!) models can consistently sustain their modeling pipeline.  Vendors talked to us or see our magazine to find who are the real representable talents for their companies and products.  Words for models, build your brand of what people like to hire you, not necessary whatever you feel like.

At Soundstream and RockStar Energy Drink, Lea Anne is always very creative.  If she holds a ball she will throw it.  If she sees lifeguard tower, she will climb it. If she sees a huge car, she will conquer it!  Love her!

Besides Lea Anne, we met up Lily Corvus Moore (above right) for the PAS magazine, and Brittani Paige (below left) and Tammy Ly (below right) for Extreme Autowerks, all are totally awesome models and super photogenic!
The 2Crave models are overwhelmingly busy with the crowdest booth at the show, and non-stop camera requests.  We highly credit their classy and sexy dress design.  Great job team!

Bud Light has a castle, not booth, at the show to serve the cool drinks.  The models at the tower looking awesome, gave us great photo ops!
Marie Alvarez and (ugh, forgot her name...) for the Lexani Wheels look amazing!!  Mila Saki (below right) is so great to shoot with!  Kelly Gehb for GXS Racing is totally cool!
The JDM Sports girls come out in ten!  Wow!  Talking about an army of models!  Super trooper!  We see Lena Love (above right), Robin Chu (below left), Jasmyn Skye (below right) and more! Good job JDM Sports!
Mr. Clean Promotions brought many girls out as well!  Charise Jeanine (above left), C-Anne (above right) and two more newbies but beauties here!
There are a lot more models that we only managed to capture some more... It's a long day for sure!

Participating Models
Car shows are great opportunities to get yourself known, especially for new models that want to enter the industry or models who like to maintain being connected and do socializing in person.

Amanda Strik has been working hard lately, at work, but decided to take a day off and enjoy the car show scene again. It's a awesome welcome back!  And we have more other models that love to be photographed together with these amazing show cars, like Andrea Marie at the below right.

Concert & Bikini Contest
Extreme Autofest always has smashing concerts with kick-ass performances.  DA Mainland Band got the crowd super excited and totally bond with the audience!  Great job guys!
The famed EAF Bikini Contest has a great variety of models, from strong and curvy, to slim and slender, to contortionist-dancing talented, to extremely crowd pleasing, to shy and reserved, to wild and loud, almost fashion modeling like, to many other styles, among the many + many beauties.  In fact, there are so many that they had to reduce the time for each contestant, giving the audience even more tantalizing glimpses of the models.

The contest inevitably comes to the Harlem Shuffle style all-contestants-on-stage presence, generated lots of fun, and making camera people dotting their fingers on triggers like woodpeckers on a hardwood tree.

Overall, it's a great show and definitely a great time for a sunny and breezy Saturday afternoon.  We look forward to the next event by the great team!

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