Beautiful Pictures of 2Crave Wheels Stars! @Arrrrley @ArikaSato @tar_bear_ @JusteneJaro @dawnjaro #EAF

Anaheim, CA (W&HM) - 2Crave Wheels company is always on the cutting edge for their creativity and quality.  Their line of products support very active lifestyle and motorsports.  Their elegant designs reflect in the models that they hire and the promotional activities they devised.  In every shows that we have covered, their booth is always one of the busiest booths at the show, getting lots of promo-values from the event.  That's what we called smart marketing!  Great job!

Here we have Arley Elizabeth, who is always so active, creative and fun to be with, just like the 2Crave wheels' spirits!
Arika Sato is also at the booth making it look awesome!  Arika is always busy with various events and super active in the scene.  Very cool!

We have the first encounter of Taryn Blake, who is such a passionate model who gave us ample photo ops to capture both her beauty and her lively personality.  We look forward to seeing her in future events!

Justene Jaro and Dawn Jaro are the sisters who complete the 2Crave team at the event.  Nice touch!

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