Call For Submissions!

Los Angeles, CA (W&HM) - Call for Submission!

Models / Talents / Agencies
We constantly look for great models and talents for the magazine.  If you are interested, follow our casting page ( → “Model Casting” Tab) and email us with your stats, info, answers and pictures.  We will inform you if you are the chosen one for a test shoot.

Car Owners / Car Clubs
We are planning to expand our feature to include awesome cars in our magazine.  If you are interested in submitting your car for a feature, please email your car specs, mods, and pictures.  We may even bring a model for a cover feature shoot!

Event Photographers
If you love to go to car shows / events, and take pictures of gorgeous models and cool cars, you are our guys/gals.  We may get your photo reports published .  We might find a media pass for you too!

Car / Model Photographers
We highly appreciate the culture of beautiful models and sleek cars awesomely pictured.  If you have such hobby or profession, you are very cool.  Email us your sample pictures, and we may be able to help promoting your work and your models / cars with great exposure.

Vendors / Advertisers
You have great products and we have great audience.  If you like to advertise in our magazine on-line or print, email us an inquiry and we can provide more information.  Alternatively, if you have a car or a location that we can use for a feature shoot, we could do free ads for you in exchange for the access, a win-win deal!

Send all info/inquiries to ""