May 31, 2013

The Awesome Duo, @CorissaFurr and Arley Elizabeth @Arrrrly Graced the #ModBargin Booth at #Bimmerfest #wheelsandheels

Pasadena, CA (W&HM) - Two of the very awesome models attended the Bimmerfest California for ModBargains and brought a traffic jam around their booth.  People were vying for their autographed posters, and the opportunities to have a picture with them.  Eventually the posters were all given out yet the line was still there.  This is definitely a strong pull-marketing at work!  Great job!

Arley Elizabeth (below) is always fun at work and cool to work with!  Her personable attitude toward people made her an instant friend to people who met her, creating an immediate JB-Welded friendship!
We've known Corissa Furr since we started the magazine almost 5 years ago.  Her frequent participation to car shows and always gives us the very best photos from our coverage, have earned our highest respect to her and her professionalism.  As we always say, she is the model of models and all models can learn a lot from this top of the class role model!


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May 30, 2013

Sandra Wong is Always Impressive (#Bimmerfest) @MsSandraWong

Pasadena, CA (W&HM) - Our super awesome cover model, Sandra Wong, is constantly hard at work but always maintains her refreshing presence and ambassadorly friendliness.  At the 2013 Bimmerfest, Sandra was at the VMR Wheels booth helping promoting their wheels products.  Not only she did a great job at showing the company's logos and products, she also gave us plenty of opportunities to capture her beauty in association with the company!  Awesome work!


Kristine was also at the VMR Wheels booth.  We met her at a Wekfest event a couple of year's ago and it's great to see her again!
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May 29, 2013

Awesome Photos of Alexx Juice with Amazing Cars at EAF Anaheim #wheelsandheels

Anaheim, CA (W&HM) - Our cover model, Alexx Juice, had a field day with us doing various shoots with very cool cars.  It's like inside a shiny car theme park and we got to play with them doing fun fashion shoots.  Alexx is a truly talented and made the cars look so really good!

Alexx is definitely a rock star at the EAF Anaheim!

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May 28, 2013

A Quick Snap of Melyssa Grace Music Video Shoot Car Meet at V's Performance

Orange, CA (Py) - Melissa Grace, our amazing cover model, is rising like a 5 stage super star rocket, where taking her to many amazing achievements.  She's done great many modeling work, did cool drifting competitions, and participated in a reality show, and now she is shooting her own music video.  Totally awesome!!
Amber Grace by her motorcycle with a shiny spiky ultra cool helmet, rolled in her bike for parking and gave us a quick snap of her.  It's like a shampoo commercial that she looks so refreshing, and her hair looks so wavy!  Very cool!
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May 27, 2013

2013 Wekfest LA Long Beach - Great Faces, New Faces, and Awesome Faces #wekfest #wekfestla

Long Beach, CA (Py) - Ellie Roxx (above) is so cute, and so dedicated, that we just could not stop taking pictures of her.  Marissa Hiroko (below left) put on her lifestyle look and did a great job in promoting the VAPE Supreme products.  Cool!!  Kaytee Anna (below right) shows her sunny side up for the Hollux and Limitless Society!
More awesome models for our camera, it's a great show for sure!!
We totally did not get their names, not that we did not try though...  Just a partial journalistic failure, not in full scale yet... Haha.

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May 26, 2013

2013 Wekfest LA Long Beach - Hot Day Hot Models and Hot Cars #wekfest #wekfestla

Long Beach, CA (Py) - Wekfest LA once again was held at the Queen Mary Memorial Park in Long Beach.  Like the last year, the weather was picture perfect, with a tint on the warm side.  And there were a number of models that we just saw last week, to we haven't seen for a while, as well as we've never seen in our lives too.  This mixture makes the show more interesting.  Of course, the main attraction is the cars that lined up rows and rows and rows.  There were heavily modified, super import, high end luxury, as well as vintage Japanese works.  We will have the coverage of them in the car section.  Please check it out and enjoy the almost in-person feel to these amazing cars.

Holly Lee (above) stood out among models as the super hot model at the show.  At the Canibeat booth, there were constant people hanging around to gain a glimpse of Holly.  That's great promotion for sure!

Amy Ames (below left left) and Ellie Roxx (below right right) were the dynamic duo at the Hollux and limitless Society booth.  They generated enough heat that overpowered the big sun in the clear Long Beach sky.
It's great to see Julie Mai (above left), as we haven't seen her for a long time!  We still remember last time we shot the pictures of Julie in 2011 Wekfest.  Time flies fast!  Last year, we met Coco Komatsu (above right) right in the same Wekfest show.  She is looking amazing here!!  A great welcome for her!

Ellisa Alva (below left) has been super busy signing and selling her posters.  She is totally popular among her fans.  Great job Ellisa!  It's a great and happy surprise to see Marissa Hiroko (below right) again!  Each time we take pictures of Marissa, she always gives us the picture perfect look.  That's awesome professionalism for sure!

Hollux and Limitless Society definitely have wonderful models for their space and cars.  Ellie Roxx (above) is a great model, super friendly, refreshingly photogenic, and she arrived early for the show.  What else can we say?  Awesome!  Amy Ames (below) always brings her A-games to shows and never leave a dull moment to cameras.

Selena for AirRex is the first time model at the show.  Her tall physique makes her extra eye catching to the busy show crowd.

Brought to you by W&HM / Wheels and Heels Magazine
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