Girsl of SEMA 2012 #2

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Las Vegas, NV (Py) - Now following the previous exciting coverage, here is another one, and we are really just scratching the surface!  There will be a full week of highlights!  Yes, there are that many models and awesome highlight shots!

Daha Ju (above) from Hankook, directly from South Korean, showed off her super awesome Asian Race Queen looks!  Totally amazing!  We sure hope to see her more in the future here!

We haven't seen Alicia Whitten (below left) for Euse for a long while!  Her inks are simply fiery and cool and she is always so photogenic!  And we met up with Shanna Lynn (below right) is such a passionate redhead with a super friendly personality!  So awesome!

Mercedes Terrell (above 2nd from the right) and other Monster Energy Drinks girls were touring the show floor literally causing traffic congestion, dropped cell phone conversations, or temporary brain black outs... Lol
(sorry we didn't get your name, above left).  Amanda Gift for Mazada is sooooo cool with her mesmerizing eyes and super fit physique!  Wow and wow!!

Giovanna always + always have that classy, sassy and magnifico models for their ultra lux cars and wheels!!

Xplizit / Diablo's car at SEMA for Borghini!  Woohoo!!  Looks super sleek and shiny!  Super cool!

Jessyca Rayanne (below left, 1st on the right) has taught us a revolutionary lesson!!  It's so epic that she is beyond awesome on our book!  You totally rock Jessyca!!
Lena Hakim (below right) is looking just as amazing if  not even more from 2011 SEMA.  We are very happy to see her again, because she is so pleasant and wonderful to chat with.  A truly model of models!