Girls of SEMA 2012 #6

# Tell us which models' full set should be posted first. Thanks!

Las Vegas, NV (Py) - The Savini Luxury Wheels girl is gorg-glam, and very photogenic!  And we are super happy to see Tanya Rouse (below right), for Cipher Auto!  We haven't seen her for a long while and are so happy that she is doing great!!  As you can tell, she is an awesome girl already, isn't she? :-)

And we met up with Jenny Chu (below left)!  It's really been a long time, maybe since the last SEMA show?  It's awesome!  Harmony Moniz (below right)!  She is such a vibrant, perky, fun, and totally cool girl!  If you have her working for your booth, your booth will be one of the most lively and traffic-jammed booth!
Katelynn Ansari and Lena Love are both working hard.  We know that Lena worked so hard that she got really sick at the last day of SEMA.  Let's hope that she has a speedy recovery!!

You can tell it's Halloween day, right?