Girls of SEMA 2012 #5

# Tell us which models' full set should be posted first. Thanks.

Las Vegas, NV (Py) - Okay, from now on, don't ask us for model's names, because there are so many that we lost track of... Sorry about that!  However we all know that Arika Sato (above left) for Spyder and Nikita Esco (above right) for Tekken, right!  We caught a slice of chance to capture the happy duo at the hall way.  Then we met up Leila Shennib (below left, right) for Sailun Tires.  And at least we know her name is Anna (below right).  Yay!
The Kenda girl is really cute and nice! and the Traxxas girl is glam and awesome!
We have both Randyl Dawn (below left) and Julie Galindo (below right) in their brand new Falken Uniform.  At first we did not know how to properly capture their beautiful imagery.  Then the professionals figured out and did the below cool shots!  Cool!
The Nitto Tires girl (above left) is already ready for a big event, which means that they are very elegantly dressed and we are impressed!