Girls of SEMA 2012 #4

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Las Vegas, NV (Py) - Natalia Marie for Wheel -1 / W-1 Warehouse, has that Halloween touch that makes the event even more timely!

Trinity Dang (below left) for Rohana Wheels brought the angelic white to the cool booth.

We haven't seen Summer Daniels since the last E3 show, which is a full 1/2 year ago.  She is ever more gorgeous and stunning!  The AMF girl (above right) looks simply hot!  That's all we can say...
The Korean Hankook girl (below) also has that super Race Queen stance, which is very cool!  Very different than the American models.

Sarah Marie (above) is working really hard at the Kinetik, because her booth is PACKED!!
Vivie Nguyen (below left) for the Genius Tools is so cute in her uniform and her butterfly glasses. :-)
Melanie Tillbrook has her last Falken appearance at SEMA. It's going to be sad to see her leave the Falken tour, but we are very happy to see her pursuing a new career!  We have nothing but best wishes to her and her new adventure!  Keep up the great work Melanie!
Ayanna Jordan (below) for Vossen Wheels gave us a cool and classy car + model look!  Very cool!

Brittani Paige from JDM Sport is always good in red, or in any color.  Maybe that's her lucky color on Roulette too? :-)