Girls of SEMA 2012 #1

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Las Vegas, NV (Py) - This year's SEMA is stronger than before, amid the devastating Hurricane Sandy on the east coast, as well as the anticipated Halloween night.  All the events, conferences, exhibits went on without a hitch.  Our hats' off to the organizer for doing such a wonderful job!

SEMA, if you don't know, is gigantic, the biggest car/equipment/parts/ show in the US.  It occupies the full three convention halls in Las Vegas Convention Center, plus a DUB show outside the convention center as well.  That's simply WOW!!  Somehow, several days spent in there did not make us feel that we have completed the tour, actually just scratching the surface, if you really want to "see" the event.

Also, many of the awesome promotional models were at SEMA, as it's a great resume item for accomplishments.  First off Corissa Furr (above) is always looking so beautiful and stunning.  We've never had any one picture of her that is not Wow!!  That is truly the model for all models!!

Leianna Kai (below left) for Spyder looks so tropically amazing and beautiful!  Helen Fancik (below right) for Hankook is such a gorgeous Hankook model!
Erica Nagashima (above left) also for Hankook, is always so cute and so amicable and so humorous too!  Very cool girl!  Melyssa Grace (above right) for JDM Sport is the stand-out lady in red!

Jeri Lee (below left) and Holly Lee (below right) are the super hot Spec-D girls!!  How can you resist their invitation, whatever it is... Awesome!

The Pirelli Grils, simply said!!  They have such a classic, sexy, and edgy look.  Good design are invisible, but  are palpable to your brains for sure!  Maybe we should more of this awesome look in our future features? :-)

Julie Mai (below left left) and Crystal Bailey (below left right) are the super fun duo from Aeolus Tyre.  They are having fun more than the attendees and definitely brought the convention a much higher enjoyable experience.  They are simply awesome!!  Elle Navarro (below right left) and Ashlee Davis (below right right)  for ADV.1 looks super hot and cool in black and white!
Nicole Marie (below left) for Spyder is so adorable and it's always such a pleasant catch up with her.  At the same time, Maya Michelle Rew (below right) for Sailun is like a good friend that haven't see each other for a long time.  There are so much to catch up with her!  What an awesome girl!!