Awesome Conclusion of 2012 SEMA Highlights

Las Vegas, NV (Py) - The three wonders of the SEMA?DUB show... Corissa Furr (above), Shanna Lowder (below) and Michelle Yee (below below left).  They are simply amazing!

Julie Mai (above right) is such a bright and smart and beautiful model!  Totally awesome!

The three graces of Hankook models, (from left to right) Megan Belet, Erica Nagashima, and Helen Fancik.  Gorgeous girls!!!
The Italian response... The three graces from Pirelli!  Bellissima!!!
 (white + black)
Arley Elizabeth for 2Crave.. What else do we need to say?
 (black dress all the way...)
Elle Navarro (below right) + Ashlee Davis (below right too), two hotties!!  And the four Giovanna girls!!!!  Super!!  Camera, flash and brain are overheating for sure!
Sarah Marie in Blond!  Cool!