2012 SEMA - 2Crave, Nexen, Motorz TV, CEC, Giovanna, Vortech, Yukon, Styluz

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Las Vegas, NV (Py) - Arley Elizabeth (above right) for 2Crave definitely did a great job representing 2Crave.  She is cool, she is stylish, and she is hot!
Michelle Yee (below left) for MHT Wheels has that wonderful glam look!  Awesome!  Tailyr Monette is handling the Nexen booth very well.  Tailyr is so perky and bright and it's such a pleasure to chat with her.
Olivia Korte (below right) is the Motorz TV Girl happily signing her celebrity calendars at the event, with the host Chris Duke.  They are the awesome duo at the show!

Jenny Ladner (above left) for CEC Wheels looks smashing!  Totally stunning!  And the Giovanna Girls have that high end look, glamour and classy and stylish, just like the brand!  Very cool!

We are very happy to see that JDM Sport is entering the big event for the first time!  And they brought in the JDM Sport girls (from left to right, Lena Love, Brittani Paige, Jasmyn Skye, and Melyssa Grace) Wow!

The Vortech/Paxton Super Girls, (from left to right) Ashley Clark, Marissa Hiroko, and Amanda Kerr!  What a great pleasure to see them together!  It's busy booth for sure!

Megan Belet (below left) looks gorgeous, always, for Hankook!  And we are sooo happy to see Diana Grant again!  She is such an amazing model that is always so pleasant, hard at work, and so approachable to  fans.  What a role model!
Eva Skye for Styluz / KTW is a wonderful and successful product model that will make any products looks good, extra good!